Utilise Pharmacists And GPs To Strengthen COVID-19 Vaccination Effort 16 February 2021 Every delayed vaccination will cost lives. READ MORE Govt's Humanitarian Strategy To Include Foreigners For Vaccination Is Sound 13 February 2021 We will not be able to reach the objective of herd immunity, if we are selective in who we vaccinate. READ MORE White Paper: Psoriasis - Lifting The Burden Of Stigma & Changing Lives 29 December 2020 With sufficient resources and investment to manage psoriasis, suffering and stigma can be reduced, and lives changed for the better. READ MORE

25 JANUARY 2021

Learning From AIDS To Deal With COVID-19 Stigma

We should treat the individuals and communities affected by COVID-19 how we would wish ourselves to be treated, with empathy and compassion.

21 DECEMBER 2020

Guidebook: Silent Pain – Migraine In The Workplace

Approximately 3.9 million individuals or 12% of the Malaysian population are estimated to be living with with migraine.

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Healthcare Reforms

Condos, Apartments Demanding Tests & Barring Entry To...

Rather than defend the practice, the National Security Council should make it clear that it is not acceptable.

Healthcare Reforms

A General Election During COVID-19: A Life And Death...

We are amidst an unprecendented epidemic, a public health emergency. We should not treat this as business as usual.

Healthcare Reforms

Statement: COVID-19 Is Dangerous, Not Vaccines

Fire-fighting constant misinformation and doubt distracts from the work that lies ahead.

Non-Communicable Diseases

We Need A Shot In The Arm For Cancer

We need to increase early detection, expand effective treatment, provide care, and improve survival.

Healthcare Reforms

Child Protection Policy and Tobacco Free Funding Policy

Both of these Policies are important in ensuring that the Galen Centre's work while guided by the framework of human rights, also responds to and...

Healthcare Reforms

Malaysia’s Current Vaccine Procurement Strategy Is...

We begin 2021, with 3 vaccines poised for rollout throughout the year to benefit and protect at least 40 percent of the population.

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