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The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy is an independent public policy research and advocacy organisation.

Healthcare Reforms!

We look at some essential discourse for tackling some of the defining issues in health and social care. Will the government be able to commit and deliver its proposed reforms to reshape the Malaysian health and social care landscape?

Healthcare Reforms

Vaccine Announcement Gives Malaysia Headstart But Hurdles...

This is a marathon and this is only at the first leg of the race.

Healthcare Reforms

Budget 2021: Public health under intense scrutiny

The RM 3 billion allocation announced for the COVID-19 vaccine cannot be found in the Budget 2021

Healthcare Reforms

Budget 2021 – NCD Cuts Threaten To Worsen Other

We call on the government to review the allocations for health under the 2021 federal budget.

What do we think about key health and social issues?

Based on our research and policy analysis as well as the work we do with individuals and organisations in the health and social system, we present and project our views on a range of issues and topics.

Governance & Regulation

Galen Centre Supports Bipartisan Parliamentary Petition To...

We need to ensure that our actions and motivation are based on empathy, compassion and kindness.

Transgender Health

Minister’s “Full Licence” Increases...

It is a fact which has been thoroughly documented that transgender persons in Malaysia encounter harassment, discrimination and subject to physical...

Non-Communicable Diseases

We Are Living In A Crisis And It Isn’t Just Covid-19

We need local-level, granular data that is integrated with social and economic indicators.

Non-Communicable Diseases

Malaysia Is Going Through Multiple Long-Term Crises:...

The health component of the upcoming 12th Malaysia Plan must have a solid commitment towards ensuring that health initiatives which address the NCD...

Governance & Regulation

Collaboration, Innovation And Free Trade Will Get Us...

Now is not the time for countries to look inwards. The crisis will only be resolved, and economies will only recover, if countries are allowed to...

Governance & Regulation

COVID-19: The Decision To Resume Congregational Prayer...

If we are absolutely unable to wait for the epidemiological situation to improve, then the staged approach taken by Selangor is the model to follow.