15 DECEMBER 2023

Passage of Bill Strengthens Anti-Smoking and Anti-Vape Efforts

Possible to impose regulations and restrictions on vape and e-cigarettes similar to those for cigarettes and tobacco products.

12 DECEMBER 2023

Galen Centre Welcomes Datuk Seri Dr. Dzulkefly Return As Health Minister

He will need to make tough decisions to ensure that the quality and coverage of healthcare is accessible to all who need it.

30 NOVEMBER 2023

Dewan Rakyat Passage of Anti-Smoking Bill Leaves Bitter Taste

The nicotine vape gap will also finally be on its way to being plugged.

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy is an independent public policy research and advocacy organisation.

What do we think about key health and social issues?

20 NOVEMBER 2023

AG’s Position On GEG Provisions Is A Whiplash Moment

The government has two options before it.

13 OCTOBER 2023

BUDGET 2024: Health Gets A Major Shot In the Arm But Is It Enough?

At RM 41.2b, health under the proposed 2024 budget is 13.5% higher than this year.

3 OCTOBER 2023

BUDGET 2024: The Madani Government Must Take Health Seriously

Conversations regarding healthcare should be centred around meeting the current and future needs and challenges of the Malaysian people.

27 JULY 2023

Ekonomi Madani: Malaysia’s Future Is Vulnerable If The People Are In Poor Health

Health is a vital component of the economy.

3 JULY 2023

Nicotine Vape Judicial Review: A Chance to Prevent Harm

The Ministry of Health warned that these products constituted a 'public health threat'

26 JUNE 2023

Vape: Why is the government ignoring its own data and evidence?

MOH has described the e-cigarettes and vape as a “public health threat”.


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