1 MARCH 2023

Pharmaniaga Situation – Opportunity For Pharmaceutical Procurement Reform

Reforms include removing dependence on middlemen within the procurement process, which increase the cost of medicines.

24 FEBRUARY 2023

BUDGET 2023: Health Allocation Brings Hope of Progress, Chronic Issues Remain

Sobering that allocation for 2023 operational expenditure alone now exceeds the total health allocation for 2020.


Malaysian Public Healthcare Service Approaching Breaking Point

In some hospitals today, people are waiting between 24 hours and several days for a bed.

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy is an independent public policy research and advocacy organisation.

What do we think about key health and social issues?


6 Recommendations For Health in Budget 2023

Reform of health financing is urgently needed but will need time, political support and public trust.

25 JANUARY 2023

Vape In Malaysia Remains Unregulated, Unrestricted, And Out of Control

The Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill needs to be urgently tabled and passed in Parliament.

20 JANUARY 2023

Selangor Mufti Department Advice On PrEP Is Misinformed And Wrong

Denying or providing selective access is bad medicine and poor practice.

16 JANUARY 2023

Unity Government Should Adopt Four Issues As KPIs on Health

Malaysia's healthcare system needs immediate attention.

28 DECEMBER 2022

Malaysia Needs To Form Health Security Agency to Prepare Against Health Threats

This agency is not a 'nice-to-have' but a 'must-have'.


Terengganu Shariah Amendment: Threat To Women & Girls, Undermines Health System

Creates unnecessary suffering, pain or humiliation for the woman and her child.

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