4 JUNE 2024

Reforms to the IHR: Malaysia Should Establish A Health Security Agency

This agency is a necessary investment.

19 MAY 2024

NHMS 2023 Findings Should Be A Rude Wake-up Call For Malaysians

Malaysians are currently living amidst a NCD crisis.

9 MAY 2024

Sugar Should No Longer Be A Controlled Item Under PCAP Act 2011

Malaysia currently has one of the lowest sugar prices in the world. This is not something to be proud of.

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1 APRIL 2024

Nicotine Vape Delisting: A Health Minister’s Legacy

Concerns and warnings were noted, but not heeded.

15 MARCH 2024

Proposed Amendments of Citizenship Provisions Will Worsen Health inequities

This policy could dramatically increase health security risk and vulnerabilities.

14 MARCH 2024

World Kidney Day 2024: Malaysia Is On The Brink of A Kidney Disease Crisis

More than 5 million of the Malaysian population are living with chronic kidney disease.

15 DECEMBER 2023

Passage of Bill Strengthens Anti-Smoking and Anti-Vape Efforts

Possible to impose regulations and restrictions on vape and e-cigarettes similar to those for cigarettes and tobacco products.

12 DECEMBER 2023

Galen Centre Welcomes Datuk Seri Dr. Dzulkefly Return As Health Minister

He will need to make tough decisions to ensure that the quality and coverage of healthcare is accessible to all who need it.


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