3 OCTOBER 2023

BUDGET 2024: The Madani Government Must Take Health Seriously

Conversations regarding healthcare should be centred around meeting the current and future needs and challenges of the Malaysian people.

3 JULY 2023

Nicotine Vape Judicial Review: A Chance to Prevent Harm

The Ministry of Health warned that these products constituted a 'public health threat'

26 JUNE 2023

Vape: Why is the government ignoring its own data and evidence?

MOH has described the e-cigarettes and vape as a “public health threat”.

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy is an independent public policy research and advocacy organisation.

What do we think about key health and social issues?

16 JUNE 2023

LGBTIQ: Marginalised Communities Face Violence, Barriers To Health Services

Such anti-LGBTIQ rhetoric has real world consequences on people and communities.

15 JUNE 2023

Health White Paper Presents Opportunity For Bold Healthcare Financing Reform

A more sustainable solution such as National Health Insurance should be proposed and supported.

12 JUNE 2023

Control of Smoking Product for Public Health Bill 2023: Failure Is Not an Option

Vape and e-cigarettes constitute clear and present public health threats.

19 APRIL 2023

Pharmaniaga Concession Renewal Decision Major Setback On Health Reforms

Seen as rewarding the company regardless of its performance or the risk it represents.

1 APRIL 2023

Removal of Liquid, Gel Nicotine Under Poisons Act Is A Disastrous Move

This decision undermines and removes a cornerstone of anti-tobacco policy.

29 MARCH 2023

Proposal to Exclude Liquid or Gel Nicotine Under Poisons Act Is Against Public Health

Already, the nicotine content for vape products available in this country is among the highest in the world.

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