16 JULY 2022

MPs, Let Us Be On The Right Side Of History

Implementing the generational endgame will lock the gate against new smokers and vapers.

20 MAY 2022

The Issue Of Unintended Pregnancies Is A National Concern

Unintended pregnancies are often the consequences of women having no right or say on their own bodies.

25 MARCH 2022

Stroke: The Faster You Act, The More Of The Person You Save

Providing the best care in treating stroke requires investing in strengthening links in a chain of survival and better outcomes.

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29 APRIL 2022

Deputy Health Minister: Increased Cooperation and Investment Needed to Close Malaysia’s Cancer Care Gap

Closing the gap on cancer care is not solely the responsibility and burden of the Government.

27 APRIL 2022

New Legislation Prohibiting Micro-mobility Vehicles Affects Disabled Community

Were the disabled community consulted prior to the inclusion of their personal mobility devices or aids in this ban?

20 APRIL 2022

Addressing Unintended Pregnancies

We spotlight bold new commitments to deliver on the promise to tackle unintended pregnancies and improve health outcomes in Malaysia.

20 MARCH 2022

Donating Your Organs In Multicultural Malaysia

With Malaysia facing a crisis of non-communicable diseases, there is also an increasingly large burden of need for more viable organs.

13 MARCH 2022

Denial of Right To Vote Due To COVID-19 Status

The Federal Constitution describes very clearly the circumstances in which a person may be deprived of the right to vote.

11 MARCH 2022

Why You Should Support The Tobacco And Smoking Control Bill

It is not just about smokers, vapers, and non-smokers. This is about a new future for this country.