10 NOVEMBER 2022

GE15: What Do The BN, PN & PH Manifestos Mean For Healthcare?

Many believe that health should not be politicised. That should change.

20 OCTOBER 2022

GE15: What Should The Election Manifestos Have Regarding Health?

Healthcare has rarely, if ever, been the focus of political debate in any Malaysian political campaign.

7 OCTOBER 2022

BUDGET 2023: Health Allocation Address Institutional Challenges, Leaves Gaps

We need to invest in future-proofing and increasing the resilience and sustainability of the public healthcare system.

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What do we think about key health and social issues?


BUDGET 2023: Tough Decisions For Sustainable Healthcare Future

Government needs to make tough decisions and boost efforts to build and future-proof the country's healthcare infrastructure.

15 AUGUST 2022

Clause 17 Of The Tobacco And Smoking Bill Should Be Removed

If it fails to be passed this time around, it might be another decade before we see the kind of leadership and vision demonstrated in this attempt.

1 AUGUST 2022

Should The Tobacco And Smoking Bill Pass Now Or Be Deferred To October?

The proposed GEG measures should not criminalise possession or usage.

16 JULY 2022

MPs, Let Us Be On The Right Side Of History

Implementing the generational endgame will lock the gate against new smokers and vapers.

13 JULY 2022

Child Stunting: Is It Really A Result Of Bad Choices?

The state of child malnutrition, particularly stunting and wasting has not seen much progress over the past decades.

21 MAY 2022

Government: Providing Reproductive Health Services Such As Contraceptives Must Be Seen As Essential

.Social and reproductive health education is fundamental.

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